Remove a Permit Hold

Are you not sure why you can't schedule an inspection or move forward with your permit? 

Sometimes permit holds are created due to out of date information such as an expired contractor’s license. Other times it's because of an expired or unrecorded Notice of Commencement, outstanding fees, disapproved inspections, expired permits or a document hold.


Step 1.Check for document holds in plan review

As a courtesy to help expedite your project, we may have issued you a permit with the condition that additional information will be required prior to certain inspections. To view holds placed on your permit, visit the Permit Lookup page, enter your permit number and click on the "DocHolds" hyperlink below your permit description.

 Look Up Your Permit Information

Step 2.Contact a permit technician

If you don't know why you cannot move forward with your permit, contact a permit technician at or 407.246.2271. Make sure you include the permit number and the message you received (if applicable) when you tried to schedule an inspection.