Apply for an Oil and Grease Management Program Certificate

Does your facility need to register with the city's Oil and Grease Management Program?

Food service establishments, private sanitary sewer systems and other facilities that deposit fats, oil and grease into Orlando's sewer system must register and be certified with the city.


Step 1.Complete an online application

Be sure to fill out the form completely. Failure to provide the necessary information may delay the certification process.

Fill out the Oil and Grease Interceptor Form

If you have a private sanitary sewer collection system that is connected to the city's sewer system, you will need to complete a private systems registration form.

Fill out the Private Sewer Systems Form

Step 2.Submit plans

You will need to provide a copy of the "as-built" plans, including the specifications, the facility layout (site plan) and complete plumbing diagrams showing the plumbing fixture(s) connected to the new waste piping system with the flow direction indicated.

We will contact you with submission instructions.

Step 3.We will visit your facility

After we have reviewed your application, a Compliance and Public Awareness staff member will conduct a site visit to confirm your property/facility meets city code.

Step 4.Receive your certificate

If your property/facility is in compliance with city code, we will mail you a certificate to post on-site.

Certificates are valid for five years.