Apply for a Tent Permit

Do you need a tent for an event or sale?

A permit is required for any tents submitted by a tent company contractor. Tents that are less than 120 square feet, not submitted by a tent company, are exempt.


Step 1.Understand the rules

  • You must apply at least 30 business days prior to setup date.
  • There must be a minimum of 10 feet between the tent and any structures.
  • There must be a minimum of 10 feet between the stake lines.
  • Tents cannot block any required parking spaces or landscaping areas nor can they block driveway access or interfere with proper vehicular circulation on site.
  • If a burn ban is in effect, your permit may be revoked.
  • Tent permits are issued to a bonded tent company who is registered with the City of Orlando as a contractor. A $5,000 bond is required from the tent company, along with an updated business tax receipt, and workers compensation or workers compensation exemption. The workers compensation must be addressed to: City of Orlando, 400 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32802.

Step 2.Gather your information

You will need: 

  • Written consent of the property owner.
  • A site plan that shows the proposed location of the tent, as well as the distance (in feet) between the tent and other structures on the site.

View Specific Use and Size Requirements

Step 3.Submit a building permit application

Enter the use of the tent under the work description on Page 1 and complete the tent information on the second page of the application.

Fill Out the Form

Email the completed form to:

Step 4.Submit plans

The City of Orlando allows you to submit your plans digitally so you can have them reviewed online. You will receive an email after we process your application. It will give you a link to ProjectDox and a temporary password. Make sure you follow the upload requirements.

Submit Plans

Step 5.Submit a Recorded Notice of Commencement

If your project value exceeds $5,000 you will need to file a Notice of Commencement with the Orange County Comptroller's Office. Once the Notice of Commencement is filed, you need to post a certified copy at the site and provide a copy to the City of Orlando.

Submit Your Recorded Notice of Commencement

Step 6.Check plan status

At any point in the project, you can check your permit status, plan review completion dates, related permits, etc., via our Permit Lookup tool. 

Look up Permit

Step 7.Make a payment

We will email you payment instructions after all reviews are completed and approved; and updated contractor information is associated with your permit. You can view any fees that are due and pay them using our Permit Lookup tool.

Pay Fees

Step 8.Download permit and plans

After you pay your fees, we will email you to let you know your plans are available for download. Login to ProjectDox and download your plans from the Approved folder. You must print them to scale and post on your job site to begin construction.

Download Plans 

Step 9.Get an inspection

Tents that are more than 900 square feet require a fire safety inspection. If you are using food warmers, candles or other hazards, you will also need to schedule an inspection.

Contact the Fire Life Safety Division at 407.246.2386 or for more information.