Sign Permit Plan Review Checklist


Submit a completed building permit application form along with approval from the Planning Official of the billboard. Permit application forms are available in our office and on our website at

You will also need to provide:

  • A site plan showing:
    • Legal description
    • Proposed sign location (show setbacks from property lines)
    • Location of building(s)
    • Building dimensions
    • Existing signs to remain for your business shown with locations and dimensions 
  • Sign construction and elevation drawings showing:
    • Views from the front and side
    • Wall signs show proposed sign location on building, entrances to building or Tenant space, height to the top of the sign on the building and other signs on the wall where the sign is proposed. Also include fastener details identifying number, size and spacing of fasteners. 
    • Ground mounted monument/pole or pylon signs show views from all sides (include height from ground level to the top of the sign). Also include the foundation details for new sign locations. 
    • Show advertising surfaces, wording and design elements (not required for changeable copy signs).
    • Plans need to be signed and sealed by a State of Florida registered architect or engineer; all signs must meet 125 mph wind load design requirements of the Florida Building Code.
    • Face changes on existing signs need not be signed or sealed, but must be clearly marked face change only on the application.
    • Electronically controlled message centers are prohibited.
  • Show lighting details and the location of disconnects for electrical signs. To comply with the National Electrical Code Article 600.3 and 600.4, an authorized testing laboratory must List every electrical sign of any type. The name of the sign manufacturer, the Listing and Number assigned by the testing laboratory must be provided.

Application Review

After your permit application is submitted it will be reviewed for building and zoning code compliance. It could also be reviewed by electrical and transportation engineering if necessary.

Your application is reviewed for requirements such as structural and wind load design, location, setbacks, size and lighting details. Calculations to determine allowable sign area vary by zoning district. Signs located at street corners and driveways are reviewed to ensure that site visibility for pedestrians and vehicular traffic is not obstructed for vehicles backing or turning into and from those streets and driveways. You may contact our office or consult our website to access the City Code to review these requirements.

If your property is located within the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (DCRA), an Appearance Review District (AR), a Historic Preservation (HP) District or is a Designated Historic Landmark, your proposed sign will require approval by the Downtown Development Board (DDB), Urban Design Office and/or the Historic Preservation Board (HPB). Please contact DDB at 407.246.3414, Urban Design at 407.246.2269 and/or HPB at 407.246.3350.

Our goal is to review sign permit applications within three business days of the submittal date.

Permit Issuance

Building permits for signs are issued after the reviews have been completed and it is determined that the proposed sign meets all City Code requirements. Building permits for sign installationcan be issued to the following people:

  • Temporary construction sign and non-electrical sign permits can be issued to the property owner, a building contractor or a licensed sign contractor.
  • Electrical permits for signs can be issued to a building contractor or a licensed sign contractor. If there is outline lighting, where secondary voltage exceeds 1000 volts, the sign permit can only be issued to an electrical sign contractor.
  • Sign contractors must be licensed by the State (Contractor’s License) and city (Business License), and have worker’s compensation records on file with the city.
  • If the direct contract price is $2,500.00 or more, a Notice of Commencement is required before starting any work. The purpose of recording a Notice of Commencement is to prepare the owner and/or the owner’s agent (the contractor) to deal with possible liens placed on the property being improved. You may call our office or visit our website for additional information and Notice of Commencement forms.