Right-of-Way Checklist

Plans submittal requirements

Please review our Site Submittal Requirements form for plan requirements. Make sure the plans/drawings show all relevant items listed on this form. Failure to include these items may result in permit disapproval.

Use the City of Orlando Utilities Data Portal to view the city's wastewater and stormwater utility locations.

Required plan review notes

Please upload the required plan review notes with your plan submission in ProjectDox.

Additional documents

  • Recorded plat, survey, executed agreement or any other supporting documentation for any work shown within an easement for the perpetual use of the public or on private property that does not directly service that property.
  • Erosion and sediment control sheet (aka blue sheet).
  • Date stamped photos of existing conditions of the job site prior to start of work.


(NOTE: In order to facilitate prompt review, revisions may be uploaded only after all plans examiners have completed their reviews of the previous submittal)

  • Revised files must be properly named. DO NOT change any file names when resubmitting plans. The corrected files MUST have the same file name as their original. (Revised files that are uploaded correctly will automatically show “V2” after the file name)
  • Upload only the sheets that are being revised and/or new additional sheets.
  • All revisions shall be identified and clouded.
  • Upload a narrative or response to comments on company’s letterhead.
  • Complete “Applicant Resubmit Task” under Project Tasks.


(NOTE: Please refer to Chapter 4 of the 5th edition Engineering Standards Manual (ESM) for all inspection requirements)

A City of Orlando inspector must visit the project site to make a visual inspection of the work in progress, along with methods of construction. All work not permitted to be inspected by the inspector will be considered as concealed work and unapproved.

It is the contractors’ responsibility to call in and schedule inspections.

Schedule a Pre-Walk and White Lining inspection (050)

Schedule a pre-walk and white lining inspection at the same time. These two inspections should occur simultaneously.  

You must have the following items:

  • Permit(s)
  •  Approved city-stamped plans
  •  Door hanger
  •  Photos of existing condition of right-of-way
  •  Approved Sunshine clear (locate request) tickets and positive response tickets
  •  White line in place per city-approved plans

After Pre-Walk Inspection (Open Cut/Jack and Bore)

Contractors are to call in inspections when work is occurring.

Final Inspection

Must be called in to the inspection services team after completing projects.

All inspections shall be performed during normal working hours between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays. If an inspection is required after the normal hours, the contractor must request an overtime inspection 48 hours in advance.

Emergency work

  • This defined as a condition that affects the public’s health, safety or general welfare. This includes service interruption of an existing service.
  • Email ROWteam@orlando.gov at the time of emergency and include the following information:
  • Utility company contractor is representing.
  • Address/work location.
  • Brief description of what occurred and what work will be required for temporary repairs.
  • Applicable MOT standard indices being used for traffic control (If the standard index is not applicable or requires any modifications, then a plan will need to be designed and submitted for review).
  • Refer to Road Closure for Construction Work to obtain MOT authorization.
  • An application for a Right-of-Way permit must be submitted to Permitting Services within 2 business days following the commencement of emergency repairs. 
  • Email the permit number to ROWteam@orlando.gov once obtained from Permitting Services.
  • Permanent repairs can only be made after permit approval has been granted.
  • Schedule required inspections as outlined in section 4.04 of the Engineering Standards Manual. 

Contractor license requirements

  • Staging/Temporary Use
    • State of Florida Contractor’s License
    • Local Business Tax Receipt
    • Worker’s Compensation *
  • Utilities
    • State of Florida Utilities License
    • Electrical Contractor and Limited Energy Systems Specialty Contractor License – conduits, aerial cable, small cells and cameras only
    • Local Business Tax Receipt
    • Worker’s Compensation *
    • Bond & Competency Card (if applicable)
    • Special Power of Attorney (if applicable)

    * Worker’s comp exemption is not accepted for right-of-way permits

  • Contractor Registration Requirement
  • City of Orlando’s Contractor Registration Form
  • State of Florida Contractor’s License
  • Local Business Tax Receipt from any municipality in the State of Florida
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Surety Bond (Registered Contractors only)
  • Competency Card (Registered Contractors only)
  • Special Power of Attorney for digital applicant (if applicable)

For open cut pavement work

  • An Engineering Permit is required in place of a Right of Way Permit when work will extend out of the right of way and onto commercial private property. All items below must be included:
  • Provide the dimensions and location of the open cut 
  • Provide the limits of restoration 
  • Provide a pavement restoration detail and/or plan (Restoration shall meet ESM section 4.03.02.D)
  • Provide a typical cross section for the open cut location.
  • Public improvement cost sheet signed and dated where "Owner/Contractor" is indicated.
  • For telecommunications companies, Right-of-way Restoration cost sheet signed and dated where "Owner/Contractor" is indicated.
  • Performance guarantee in the amount of at least 110% of the public improvement cost. This may be provided in the form of a bond, equivalent cash deposit with the City, certificate of deposit, irrevocable letter of credit by a Florida bank, a cashier’s check or a certified check drawn upon a Florida bank. 
  • For telecommunications companies, a construction bond.
  • Permittee must coordinate with Site Engineering, Permitting Services Inspector for Site Engineering and the Pavement Manager through plan review prior to any soft digs and/or open cuts within the City roadway.
  • For reference, also review the Right-of-Way Roadway Restoration Detail, Pavement Test Hole Detail and the Brick & Paver Utility Cut Detail sheets.

Closure request process for Traffic Control

  • Applicant name and contact information
  • Location of work area to include:
  • Street name from intersecting side street to intersecting side street
  • For lane closure provide the direction (Northbound, Southbound, etc.) 
  • For sidewalk closure provide the side of the road it is on (North, South, etc.)
  • Provide any related BLD, ENG, ROW or other Permit type associated with the project (identify if this is maintenance only work (no excavation involved))
  • Name of company providing traffic control (T.C.P. Company)
  • If you or your staff are performing the Traffic Control Duties (setting up, maintaining and removing), provide copies of their current MOT certifications.
  • Description of work being performed
  • Traffic Control being used (Index from FDOT Design Standards (use most recent issue))
  • If the standard index is not applicable or requires any modifications, then a plan will need to be designed and submitted to Transportation Engineering, Special Events & Permits Section for review.
  • Project start date
  • Project completion date

For more information, review our Temporary Traffic Control Guide


Any work started or completed without the required permits will be charged double the amount of the permit(s) fee. Communications Services Providers are subject to penalties set forth in Chapter 23 of the City Code. 

Key city contacts

Permit intake/issuance/ProjectDox

Plan review