Lake Highland Drive Asphalt Removal Project

Last updated on March 30, 2021

A stripped orange and white road barricade with a white City of Orlando pickup truck parked behind it.

On March 15, 2021, the Public Works Department will oversee the removal of asphalt on Lake Highland Drive, between Ferris Avenue and Mills Avenue. Removal of the asphalt will prepare the area for the upcoming Lake Highland Utility Improvement Project. We expect the contractor to complete the project in three weeks.

Please be advised, once the contractor removes the asphalt, the roadway’s original brick pavers will be visible and accessible by vehicle. The original brick street exposure is temporary and upon completion the Lake Highland Utility Relocation-Improvement project, the street will be reconstructed and returned to brick.

Should the contractor experience unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather, it may create delays that prolong the project. Should the contractor experience unforeseen conditions, the contractor will have the option to work on weekends. Weekend hours will resemble regular project hours.

The area marked in area is where residents will notice crews, vehicles and equipment present. Please use caution while traveling through the project area.

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Lake Highland Drive is a composite brick street. The roadway consists of asphalt over brick pavers. Removal of the asphalt will expose the brick and allow for a future utility project.

Project hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Residents may experience temporary road closures for through-traffic. On-street parking will be unavailable for the duration of the project. Access to Lake Highland Drive will be available to residents. However, there will be times when a driveway or entrance is inaccessible as the project progress, the contractor will coordinate with property owners to maintain access.

Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access. The contractor will coordinator with the city's Solid Waste Division to maintain the current collection schedule. In the unlikely event a missed collection occurs, property owners may dial 407.246.2314 or use to report a skip. The city's Solid Waste Division will make a second attempt for collection. 

Those living or working in the immediate area will notice crews and equipment working on Lake Highland Drive. There is potential for an increase in noise during project hours. Commuter traveling on Ferris Avenue and Mills Avenue will experience a temporary road closure for through-traffic when turning onto Lake Highland.


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