Sidewalk Improvements Lancaster Park Neighborhood

Last updated on April 21, 2021

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Sidewalk improvements will help remove potential trip hazards and help make sidewalks navigable.

The city’s contractor Mercon Construction Company will make sidewalk improvements in the Lancaster Park neighborhood. Improving, repairing, modifying, or replacing concrete sidewalk slabs will help remove potential trip hazards and make sidewalks navigable. We expect to complete the project in three months.

Please know, sidewalk improvements will only occur in the public right-of-way, Mercon Construction Company will not make any improvements on private property.

The area marked in yellow is where the residents of the Lancaster Park neighborhood may notice crews, equipment and vehicles working in the public right-of-way. Please prepare for potential delays that may increase commute times. Please use caution when traveling through the area, commuters and pedestrians may experience temporary road closures, sidewalk closures, pedestrian detours and vehicle detours for the duration of the project.

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Once the project starts, constituents will notice crews and equipment working in the public right-of-way. Project hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please be advised, adverse weather and unforeseen conditions may create delays that prolong the project. There may be opportunities for weekend work during this project.

Property owners will have access to their driveway or entrance throughout the project. However, there may be times when a driveway or entrance is temporarily inaccessible. Should this occur, the city’s contractor will provide the property owner with advance notice should this occur.

Pedestrians may experience temporary sidewalk detours or closures for their safety. We respectfully ask pedestrians to please adhere to posted pedestrian signs. There is potential for a few temporary road closures in select areas. Commuters may experience a temporary road closure and detours. 

To modify or replace concrete sidewalk slabs a cutting saw is necessary. Use of the cutting saw during project hours may create an increase in noise.

Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access. The city’s contractor will coordinate with the city’s Solid Waste Division to maintain garbage collection. Should a missed collection occur, the Solid Waste Division will make a second attempt for collection.

Q: What are the project limits?

Sidewalk improvements will occur on one side or both sides of the street at the following locations:

The Lancaster Park neighborhood. Other areas may be added later in the project.

Sidewalk Slabs designated for improvement were previously identified and marked prior to project start.

Q: How deep - far will the sidewalks go in the public right-of-way?

Sidewalks are typically placed as far from the street as possible at the intersection of the right-of-way and the property line.

Q: Will I have access to my driveway or home entrance?

Yes. Throughout the project, you will have access to your driveway or entrance. However, there may be times when both are impacted temporarily as the project progresses. Should there be an impact to your driveway or entrance, the contractor will notify you in advance of starting work. 

Q: Will there be noise?

At times yes. There is potential for an increase in noise during project hours. 

Q: What happens if there is an emergency?

Should an emergency occur, the contractor will grant first responders and emergency vehicles priority access. 

Q: What about solid waste and recycling collection?

Solid waste, recycling, mail, and other services will continue on its normal schedule. Should a missed collection occur, please contact the Solid Waste Division by phone at 407.246.2314. Once notified, a second attempt will be made later in the day or the next business day. 

 Q: Will my irrigation system be okay?

The contractor will make a considerable effort to protect sprinkler - irrigation systems. Should an irrigation system become damaged during the project, the contractor will coordinate with the homeowner in getting the system repaired. You many contact the contractor directly to discuss your irrigation concerns or situation by phone at 407.448.5286 or by email at

Q: What about underground utilities water, power, sewer, and cable?

Repair or rehabilitation of sidewalks should not impact underground utilities. Typically, underground utilities are installed at a depth at or greater than 3-ft. It is highly unlikely repairs will damage an underground utility. However should this occur, homeowners should contact the project manager and notify their utility provider. The contractor will coordinate with the home owner to get the utility repaired. 

Q: Who do I call should I have questions or special needs?

You may also contact Mercon Construction Company by phone at 407.448.5286 or by email at


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