Sanitary Sewer Improvements Near Gilbert McQueen Park

Last updated on September 04, 2020

A white excavator digging into the public right of way, with two City of Orlando water reclamation personnel shoveling dirt while wear reflective safety vest.

Last year, the City’s Project Management Division oversaw several improvements for Lift Station Ten. This year, in October, Project Management will oversee additional improvements for the nearby gravity sanitary sewer system on W Lake Mann Dr, N Lake Mann Dr, Eccleston St, and Spaulding Rd. We expect to complete this project in five months. Please be advised, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can create delays or prolong the project. 

Once the project starts, the city’s contractor, Cathcart, will make open cuts on portions of W. Lake Mann Dr, N Lake Mann Dr, and Spaulding Rd near S Goldwyn Ave to enlarge the gravity sewer line to improve reliability. The open cuts will make roadway closures and detours necessary during project hours at the locations mentioned.

In coordination with Cathcart's work, the city will bring in Miller Pipeline to rehabilitate the remaining existing sanitary sewers using a Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining system. Lining the sewer system will extend the pipe’s longevity and assist with lessening opportunities for future problems. The project also includes replacing portions of the sidewalk and curb ramps throughout the neighborhood that are deemed in need of improvements. The sidewalk work will be performed by Mercon Construction Company.

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Constituents inside the project area will experience temporary full or partial roadway and pedestrian sidewalk closures to protect residents and work crews.

Project hours are between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

There is potential for work at night. Working at night allows work crews to line the sanitary sewer pipe during periods of low flow. A few sewer bypass pumps will be necessary to provide continuous sewer service. The contractor will coordinate with the city's Solid Waste Division to maintain recycling and solid waste collection. If there is a missed collection, the Solid Waste Division will make another attempt for collection. During an emergency, first responders and emergency vehicle will have priority access.

Please be advised, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can create delays or prolong the project. There is potential for an increase in noise during project hours and constituents will want to prepare for potential increase in commute times.


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