Raleigh Street Improvement Project


The City of Orlando is committed to improving safety and connectivity. In support of these efforts, the city's Transportation and Public Works Departments have begun a transportation improvement project that will enhance pedestrian and commuter travel conditions in Districts 5 and 6.    


Raleigh Street will be resurfaced, adding left turn lanes to accommodate a safer commute. A brand new 12’ wide multi-use trail will be installed replacing former sidewalk gaps, providing enjoyable pathways for commuters and recreational riders to travel.

Pedestrian safety will be improved with new signalization and pedestrian crossings at Kozart Street and Deerock Street. The installation of new streetlights will assist with visibility at night and upgrades will be made to several Lynx bus stops to adapt to the increase of travelers in the area.

Road infrastructure changes of Raleigh Street include replacing existing stormwater drainage piping to minimize flooding and the addition of new medians for commuter safety and overall beautification. 



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