Orange Center Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Project

Last updated on March 30, 2021

City of Orlando Wastewater specialist wearing reflective vest that says City of Orlando, with a white excavator in the background.

The City's Public Works Department will oversee a sanitary sewer improvement project on Orange Center Boulevard. The project area is between John Young Parkway and Tampa Avenue. This project will help lessen opportunities for future sanitary sewer problems and assist in preparing the area for future growth and development. 

Once underway, the City's contractor Cathcart will upgrade an aging 8-inch and 12-inch vitrified clay gravity sewer line along Orange Center Boulevard. The contractor will also use this opportunity to replace the previously identified sewer service laterals in the public right-of-way.

We expect to complete the project in ten months. Of course, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can create delays and increase the project's duration.

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Historically, vitrified clay pipes were commonly used for gravity sewer lines. However, over time the materials traveling through the sewer pipes makes them brittle and is less desirable in urban high-volume areas.  The vitrified clay pipes will be replaced with ductile iron. 

For this project roadway closures and detours will be necessary for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Once the project starts, Orange Center Boulevard's eastbound lanes will be closed in phases for the installation of underground utilities. To maintain access to the area, the westbound lanes will be converted into bi-directional single lane traffic, one lane going westbound and the other going eastbound. 

The city's Public Works Department and Transportation Department are working with Lynx to relocate bus stops in close proximity to project area. Commuters, pedestrians and Lynx passengers will want to prepare for for potential delays that may increase commute times.

Once the project begins, commuters and pedestrians will experience temporary detours and road closures. Neighborhood residents will notice crews and equipment working in the roadway and public right-of-way.

There may be times when a driveway or entrance is temporarily unavailable. The City's contractor will coordinate with homeowners and businesses to make certain access is maintained-restored and assist those with special needs. 

Accommodations will be made, solid waste, recycling, mail and other services will continue uninterrupted. Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access. 

There is a high probability of continuous project hours. There may be opportunities for night and weekend work throughout the project. Again, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstance may create delays and increase the project's duration. 

Please know, there is potential for an increase in noise during project hours. 

The Transportation Engineering Division is working with OUC to install decorative street lighting on Orange Center Boulevard. This project will improve the attractiveness of the street and nighttime visibility for pedestrians and bicyclists.


  • Street lighting installation has been completed on both sides of Orange Center Boulevard between John Young Parkway and Texas Avenue and on the north side of Orange Center Boulevard immediately west of Tampa Avenue.
  • Remaining utility work, including the relocation of power lines and utility poles from the median to the south side of Orange Center Boulevard between John Young Parkway and Texas Avenue, is expected to be completed in December 2021. 

Public Works and Cathcart continue to monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic and the reopening of the Orange County Public School System. Although the project will not directly impact nearby Orange Center Elementary School or Jones High School, the project management team will make a considerable effort to communicate updates to both schools and O.C.P.S. when necessary. Parents, students and faculty will want to prepare for potential delays that may increase commute times should schools reopen in the Fall. 

Again, we expect the impact on both Orange Center Elementary and Jones High School to be minimum. 


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