Lido Street Drainage Improvement

Last updated on July 22, 2022

A image of a road closure barricade with a white city of Orlando pickup parked next to the barricade.

The Lido Street Drainage Project will help lessen flooding incidents near and within the community.

Soon, the competitive bid contractor J. Malever Construction Company will install a new 24-inch stormwater drainage system on Gaston Foster Road and Lido Street. Once underway, the contractor will use this opportunity to remove and replace an aging sanitary sewer system.

Improving the drainage and sewer system will remove opportunities for potential unforeseen circumstances or frequent point repairs. 


Weather permitting, in the second week of June, the contractor J. Malever will upgrade the utilities between Jessica Avenue and the Lido Street cul-de-sac to Gaston Foster Rd. 

The city and contractor have notified fire rescue, police, and solid waste services.

First responders and emergency vehicles will have access to the immediate area should an emergency occur.

Please be advised that trash collection will remain on its regular schedule.

Shortly you will notice work occurring within a city easement between properties 5007 and 5011 Lido Street. Once the utility work is complete, the contractor will build a temporary, one-lane paved roadway within the easement to maintain access to the community.

Once the temporary road is built and work on Lido Street begins, residents west of Jessica will need to use the temporary road to enter and exit the community. Residents living east of Jessica Avenue can continue to use Jessica to enter and exit the neighborhood.

The contractor will continue to notify and coordinate with any resident affected during this phase of work. 


Should your home be located west of Jessica Avenue or within the cul-de-sac on Lido Street, please notify your landscaping company and/or any expected deliveries about the upcoming changes as soon as possible.

Safety is our primary concern for residents within and near the community.

When the project approaches the cul-de-sac on Lido St, the work in the roadway, right-of-way, and easements will make accessing residential driveways at the cul-de-sac challenging.

During this phase of work, the contractor will make the necessary accommodation to assist residents who live at the cul-de-sac. 

Please be advised. The contractor will coordinate with law enforcement and fire rescue during this phase of work.

Lido Street:
The project will take place on Lido Street, between the entrance of Demetree Park and the cul-de-sac. The contractor plans to start the project near Demetree Park and travel west, completing the first location at the cul-de-sac.

Gaston Foster Road:
Work will occur on Gaston Foster Road, between Andrea Boulevard and Coquina Court. 

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The City's Public Works Department is closely monitoring the global supply chain issue, labor shortages, and increases in the price of materials. 

The competitive bid contractor and the City will strive to complete a capital improvement project on time and within budget. However, due to circumstances outside the control of both entities, there may be delays in necessary materials, potential for projects to be completed over budget, and potential delays.

We will continue to work with the community and our stakeholders to address the abovementioned issues and return normalcy to a community.


Hours of operation are 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. There may be opportunities for night or work on Saturdays. Both may be necessary should the contractor experience unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather.   

Emergency vehicles and first responders will have access to the neighborhood if an emergency occurs.

Residents will have continued access to their properties throughout the project. However, there will be times when a driveway or pedestrian walkout is temporarily impacted as the project progresses.

Trash, recycling, and yard waste collection will continue on their normal schedule. 

Once the contractor begins the project, constituents will notice several, or all the following: 

  • The placement of dewatering and sanitary sewer bypass pumps. Both devices may need to run 24-hours during the project. 


  • There is potential for an increase in noise during hours of operation. 


  • The installation of temporary road closure barricades and detour signs.


  • Restrictions for on-street parking during the project's hours of operation.


  • There may be times when a residential driveway or walkout is temporarily unavailable. The contractor will coordinate with those impacted.


  • The use of temporary sidewalk barricades and detour signs.


  • The placement of equipment and materials within the public right-of-way. 


Should any or all the above occur, the contractor will attempt to find feasible solutions to address the continent's concerns. 

Pedestrians, commuters, and constituents living on Gaston Foster Road near Coquina Court will notice crews working in the public right-of-way near the northbound lane.

During this phase, there is potential for temporary sidewalk closures and detours where work occurs. We ask that commuters and pedestrians use caution when navigating the area. Crews, vehicles, and equipment will be present during project hours.

It is unlikely the project will directly impact Dover Shores Elementary. However, the project management team will make a considerable effort to communicate updates to Dover Shores Elementary and O.C.P.S. when necessary.

Again, we expect the impact on students, parents, and faculty to be minimum. 

How long will this project last?

The contractor expects to complete the project in one year. However, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can increase the project's duration. 

What if I need emergency services?

Should you experience an emergency, please dial 911. First responders and emergency vehicles will have access to the neighborhood. 

Will I have access to my home?

The contractor will coordinate with any homeowner directly impacted by the project. J. Malever Construction Company will assist homeowners with appropriate accommodations to maintain access to their properties.

Why would the contractor need to work at night or on Saturday?

Sometimes, after a heavy rain event, the contractor will need to survey, restore, and re-prepare the area to continue the project.

Despite the contractor's planning efforts, sometimes there are unforeseen conditions or circumstances. Night or work on Saturday allows the contractor to make up for delays, keeping the project on schedule and finishing on time. 

Why are dewatering and sanitary sewer bypass pumps necessary?

A dewatering system is necessary to lower moisture levels from the soil. This provides the contractor with limited protection and stabilization making it easier and safer to complete the project. 

The sanitary sewer bypass system is necessary to maintain uninterrupted sanitary sewer services to all homes during the project.

I am expecting a package or use a delivery service, what now?

The City's Transportation Division does an excellent job notifying stakeholders about improvement projects. However, a few stakeholders do not subscribe to our notification system.

It is in the homeowner's benefit to notify service providers about the project within the neighborhood when scheduling or utilizing a delivery service. 

Will my landscape company still have access to continue cutting and trimming my yard?

Yes. Your landscape company may still access the neighborhood to keep your yard beautiful. Again, notify the landscape company about the improvement project giving the company time to prepare.

I am worried about my sprinkler system!

In the unlikely event, a homeowner's sprinkler system is damaged where work occurred, the contractor will coordinate with the resident to address the issue.

My cable went out unexpectedly. what now?

Please contact your service provider as soon as possible if this unforeseen event occurs. The service provider will make repairs.

Upon notifying your service provider, please contact the construction manager or inspector and inform them of your situation. 

Please be advised, the contractor cannot make repairs to cable, internet, or fiber lines. 

I have concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety!

The City takes these concerns seriously. Please contact the City's Transportation Division at 407.246.2281 or visit the safety portal.

Will the City collect trash, recycling, and yard waste on its normal days?

Yes. The City will continue to collect trash on its regular service schedule. Should a missed collection occur, please dial 407.246.2314 or email

It is recommended you leave your carts or materials out for a second attempt.

What do I do should I have an interruption in service?

Should you experience a service interruption for water or sewer service, please call one or both numbers listed below.

For Sewer:
Wastewater, City of Orlando

For Water or Power:
Orlando Utilities Commission