Dover Estates Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Last updated on December 12, 2019

Photo of the Curry Ford and Gaston Foster intersection all traffic signals are visible.

The Dover Estates sanitary sewer replacement project will provide reliable and efficient sewer services to the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods. 

The City's Public Works Department will oversee a sanitary sewer replacement project within Dover Estates. The replacement project will occur in multiple phases to reduce the impact on neighborhood residents. Once the project begins, the contractor will remove approximately 1,950 ft of a 10-inch force main and 100 ft of a 20-inch force main. 

During each phase, once a section of existing pipe is removed, new piping will be installed, and the roadway restored. The project area is along portions of Curry Ford, Gaston Foster, all of Wind Street, and a portion of Foxboro Drive. Once the project is complete, the contractor will install new street curbing and repave the roadway.


Residents will experience temporary road closures. Each resident will have access to their driveways throughout the project's duration. There may be times when a driveway is impacted temporarily as the project progresses.  In the event of an emergency, all emergency vehicles and first-responders will have priority access. Mail, trash, and other services will continue as scheduled. 

Homeowners residing along Gaston Foster, Wind Street, and Foxboro Drive will experience an increase in noise during project hours. Project hours are between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekend and overnight work may be necessary for this project. It is not uncommon to notice crews and equipment working in the street and public right-of-way areas. 

Unforeseen circumstance and adverse weather can prolong the project's duration. 



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