Central Boulevard and Eola Drive Improvements

Last updated on May 11, 2023


The project is located at the intersection of Central Boulevard and Eola Drive. The project consists of improvements to two existing pedestrian ramps and crosswalks, as well as adding two additional crosswalks to meet all FDOT and City of Orlando Standards as prescribed in the City of Orlando’s Engineering Standards Manual. Redesign of the intersection at Central Boulevard and Eola Drive was initiated in 2018 by resident requests.

The Transportation Department’s Traffic Studies group, in collaboration with Streets and Stormwater, contracted design services by Metric Engineering. Due to the proximity to other Transportation Projects, the Transportation Department took the lead. Project delivery became escalated when an official ADA complaint for the intersection was filed in late 2022. 

The purpose of this project is to reconstruct existing pedestrian ramps with fully ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps. The project is located on the High Injury Network for pedestrians. Marked crosswalks warn motorists to expect pedestrian crossings and indicate preferred crossing locations for people walking. According to FHWA, high-visibility crosswalks can reduce pedestrian injury crashes by up to 40%. Additionally, there will be construction on our stormwater infrastructure with the purpose of improving drainage and water quality.

Please note: this is a 24-hour intersection closure with active construction happening during project hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The contractor may elect to work on Saturdays, should there be adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances preventing construction during normal project hours. Once the work begins, lane shifts, detours, road closures, sidewalk detours, sidewalk closures, or lane closures may be implemented as necessary. There is a potential for an increase in noise during project hours. The contractor will work with residents during this project to ensure access to homes and businesses. First responders and emergency vehicles will have access to the area should an emergency occur. Trash, recycling, and yard waste collection will continue their normal schedule. 



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