American Way Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

Last updated on November 09, 2020

A photo of a City wastewater employee wearing a hard hat and reflective vest looking into a trench with a excavator pulling dirt out.

The sanitary sewer replacement project will help provide better efficiency and reliability as development continues in the immediate area. 

In January 2020, the Public Works Department will oversee a necessary sanitary sewer replacement project on American Way. During the project, Killebrew will pipe burst an existing undersized sanitary sewer pipeline and install new sewer piping with an increased diameter size. We expect to complete the project in one year.  

Increasing the diameter of the sanitary sewer pipeline is necessary as the immediate area continues to experience growth and development. Increasing the sanitary sewer pipeline will help reduce opportunities for future potential problems. 

During the project, there will be temporary road and sidewalk closures. Businesses will have access to their entrances and parking lots through the project's duration. However, there may be times when a driveway is impacted temporarily. The contractor will notify businesses in advance should a temporary impact occur. Sewer bypass pumps will be necessary throughout the entire project. We do not anticipate any sewer interruptions throughout the project's duration. 

Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access. Solid waste, recycling, mail, and other services will continue as scheduled. 

There is potential for an increase in noise during project hours. Project hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Unforeseen circumstances and adverse weather can create delays that increase a project's duration. Should unforeseen circumstances occur, weekend and overnight work may become necessary during the project.

Commuters should prepare for potential delays that may increase travel times during peak commuting hours. Pedestrians should adhere to posted pedestrian signs near the project area. 

In coordination with this project, the Transportation Department will be reassigning the travel lanes on American Way to provide a 10-foot wide through lane, 10-foot wide left turn lane and 4-foot wide bike lane in each direction, to improve operations, safety and connectivity. The new bike lanes will connect to existing bike lanes on International Drive.

Pavement marking work is estimated to start the week of February 15 and should be completed within 3-5 days, barring any weather or construction delays. Current road closures will remain in place; however additional short-term lane closures may be required, so please expect minor travel delays.


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